Real Stories of Life-Changing Success

I was tired of not feeling good, being out of breath, feet hurting, always tired, never wanting pictures taken, not wanting to go for a walk during the day in fear of people seeing me, need I say more? This all changed the week of October 16th, 2011, thanks to a dear friend of mine, Joleen Trent. I had seen her in May and commented on how amazing she looked, so she told me about Ideal Protein. It takes a while to convince me of things because I have tried so many “diets” in my life with little permanent success. So, Sunday night, October 16th, I called Joleen yet again – my 3rd time having her explain Ideal Protein to me. My mind was made up after this call. The next day I called and scheduled my consultation with Dusty, and my life has been forever changed for the better!

The process started with having blood work done to establish baseline numbers. My results came back and I was in tears. Every single number of mine was too high, with the exception of one – my GOOD cholesterol, which was too low. My blood pressure was high. I was also pre-diabetic. This one got me. My 17-yr-old daughter is type 1 diabetic and I would give anything to have it instead of her and hearing this information hit me hard.

I was determined to succeed at this! I had great family and friend support. Dusty, Lindsay, Hanna, Wendy and the entire staff at Innovative Aesthetics were amazing and so encouraging. At my first appointment, Dusty took my measurements, initial weight, BMI, body fat and then sat with me and explained the program to me. I love the fact that Dusty has a medical background, this program is monitored by a doctor and that it is FDA approved! Weight came off right away. I felt like I was starving the first two weeks, I can’t lie, but my body was in shock because I had cut out a lot of sugar, carbs and dairy out of my diet compared to what I was used to. I also stopped drinking pop, which was huge for me. I was changing my ways, and this was just the beginning.

It has now been 10 months and I have lost, as of this week, 96 lbs! I only have 9 lbs to go to goal and cannot believe how amazing I feel. I have lost a total of 68”. My body fat started at 48.6 and is down to 36.6. My BMI was 41.0 and is down to 26.4. I dropped from size 22/24 (3X) to size 14 (L/XL). My blood profile shows all my numbers to be in the normal range and my blood pressure is now normal. I thank Joleen for changing my life and she always tells me that I changed my life ~ if it wasn’t for her, I would never have gotten started with Ideal Protein, so she deserves credit too. I have never had anything work like this for me. If you follow the program 100% you can’t NOT lose weight. I promise you. Your life will be changed forever, in more ways than you know, and all for the better.

Mary Beth, Ideal Protein Client

If ever there was a skeptic when it came to weight-loss programs, it was me! After the birth of my second child in 2002, I found myself weighing 136 pounds and I only stand 5’2″. I tried every single weight-loss program there was. With each program I tried, I found myself getting heavier. The heavier I became, the more I exercised. It was a vicious cycle and I found myself consumed about how to get off this excess weight. Having weighed 115 most of my life, I was becoming not only obsessed with getting the weight off, I was becoming depressed.

I heard about the Ideal Protein Progrm from a group of nurses I met in Southern Iowa. I was excited to learn that Innovative Aesthetics offered this program. I met with the consultant, signed up and then met with Courtney. I told her I was very very skeptical, but she told me, “if you follow the program, it will work.” I purchased my food and went home ready to fail again. I could not believe my eyes when I stepped on the scale one week later, and I had lost 6 pounds!! My husband couldn’t believe it either. He thought this was just another gimmick, but now almost 3 weeks into the program, I am down 10 pounds.

I feel like the “old me” is blossoming again, just in time for spring and summer. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has been in a similar situation. This program truly works, and it is worth the investment.

Sharon, Ideal Protein Client

I’ve tried many weight loss plans over the years, losing, then ending up gaining it all back and weighing more than I did before my diet. During a doctor’s appointment, they were very concerned about my cholesterol, high blood pressure and that I was prediabetic. I promised to do something about it to avoid going on medicine. To top it off, while vacationing in South Carolina, I looked at pictures and couldn’t believe that it was really me in the photo. That was the my final breaking point, so in September, 2010, I went to the Innovative Aesthetics Medical Spa and Laser Center determined to succeed at the ideal Protein diet.

I can say that Ideal Protein has finally brought me the weight loss success I’ve always longed for. To date, I have lost 50 pounds and I am just a few pounds away from my goal. I am feeling better than I have in many years. I am eternally grateful to the success I have achieved on the Ideal Protein diet.

Cindy, Ideal Protein Client