Client of the Month

April 2016 -- Matt & Theresa Mineart
April 2016 — Matt & Theresa Mineart

Why did you start the diet? Theresa: Matt’s physician referred him and after the introductory seminar he was excited to start. I wanted to make changes but wasn’t sure about the plan; it seemed expensive and I was not convinced that we could manage the strict protocol of phase 1. But, Matt was so excited and I knew it would be hard for HIM to be successful unless WE did this together. Matt: To lose weight.

Which plan were you on? Theresa & Matt: Regular protocol, still in phase 1.

What was your biggest struggle? Theresa: Planful eating throughout the day as opposed to eating nothing all day and then grabbing take out or making processed, heavy, carb/sodium filled meals at night. This way of eating takes time and focus that I did not feel I had previously. Ordering groceries online from HyVee has been a huge help in overcoming this struggle. It forces me to meal plan and I avoid the temptations of being in the store. Matt: Portion control.

Did you go on vacation while on Ideal Protein? Theresa: Yes. Our second week on the plan we took the kids and went for a week to the Ozarks with the grandparents like we do every year. We were H-ANGRY and it was difficult. BUT the benefit of starting the week before while our oldest was at Debate Camp and planning to be hangry the second week while out of town rather than being at work in that mind frame out-weighed the negatives. It was an effective choice. Matt: Yes. It was difficult but nobody died.

What is your favorite Ideal Protein Product? Theresa: Unrestricted: Riced Crispy Treats. Restricted: I don’t really have a favorite restricted. We gave up restricted a few months ago. As Matt has closed in on his goal weight it just seemed better to eliminate things that are not necessary. Besides, why risk potential progress on restricted when the RC Treats satisfy the same craving? Matt: Unrestricted: Riced Crispy Treat. Restricted: Chocolate Wafers.

What is your go to recipe? Theresa: Sometimes what I have planned is not what I want to eat so I stand with the refrigerator door and grab a protein, some veggies and throw together some type of seasonings or sauce. My favorite is ½ lb ground beef, ½ lb ground turkey, lots of fresh garlic, salt/pepper, two bags of broccoli slaw and two cans of roasted tomatoes with chilies. Matt does not like broccoli slaw so we don’t have it often but when we do it is yummy! Matt: Cauliflower pizza.

How did this affect your family? Theresa: Our kids were accustomed to eating out a lot and having snacks around the house. NO MORE. We get take out twice per month (at the most), nothing off protocol for us or fried/greasy for them and there are no snack foods for them at home aside from fresh fruits/veggies and limited, low calorie, FIberOne bars in the house. That’s it. It has been an adjustment for everyone but everyone has benefitted. Matt: Everyone is eating better.

Did you get off any medications? Theresa: No, but my blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol meds were cut in half. My doctor will be reassessing more cuts in the next few months assuming things continue to progress. Matt:No but my thyroid med and my CPAP were cut in half.

What have you completely eliminated from your diet forever? Theresa: For me, forever is a dangerous word that represents the kind of black-and-white thinking that I believe fueled poor eating and living habits. If I say I am NEVER going to eat fast food then I don’t think about fast food until I have a craving and am left to fight that craving without a relapse prevention plan. What works better for me is to think about under what circumstances I might eat fast food, what choices can I make to minimize the harm of the fast food and how have I set up the supports and boundaries in my life so that I know when I am eating too much fast food. If I take time to think like this during moments when I am NOT having a craving I feel stronger to resist the craving when that craving comes around. Matt: Forever is a long time. So long as I don’t over-do-it Phase 4 includes a cheat day so…nothing.

What tools/habits are you going to continue in your life to maintain your weight? Theresa: Challenging myself to implement BOTH the free choice and phase 1 days once I get to phase 4. Matt: My nagging wife.

Anything that we could change or continue to do to make this journey just as successful for other dieters? Theresa: Sometimes I wonder about providing opportunities for fellow members to connect. I am pretty open about my journey and as a result have found out that several people I know are also doing Ideal Protein. I have heard others say they feel isolated and appreciate knowing someone else who is trying the same thing. A friend on the plan and I text each other every day with what we ate and I exchange recipes via emails with others on the plan to provide extra accountability and reinforcement. I am lucky to have that support. Matt: Make sure there are IP Riced Crispy Treats and Trail Mix in stock.

Please share one take away from this experience that could encourage others. Theresa: Breathe. Accept that there will be ups and downs. Stay strengths based and resist the urge to focus on what is not going right or how things could be better. If you did not lose one week don’t focus on the why of that week, review your journal for weeks when you did lose. Remember, that is it always better to run toward a goal than run away from shame. Matt: Just do it.

March 2016 -- Amy Casey
 Please share one take away from this experience that could encourage others. This program isn’t always easy but stick it out. Your life WILL change and it is amazing. I had a great relationship with my husband before and now it is even better. I am able to do more with my kids and I can’t wait for summer to be able to do so much more! The future is bright, finally!
Brandy Graham, Ideal Protein Client

March 2016 -- Brandy Graham
Why did you start the diet? I started Ideal protein because I knew I needed to get healthy and lose weight (I was so out of shape and the heaviest I had ever been) and I had heard great things about Ideal protein and saw great results, so I finally decided it was time. When I had my first appointment I found out I was pre diabetic and I knew that I needed to do something NOW.
Brandy Graham, Ideal Protein Client

February 2016 -- Kristi Grimm
Why did you start the diet? I was very skeptical when I first heard of Ideal Protein. My friend Mellette Drager had success on the program and invited me to an open house. I went to the open house very hesitant. I met with Dusty Swehla (aka Superwoman, and my coach). I asked her million questions and I’m so grateful at how kind and patient she was with me. I took home the information and I did a lot of praying. God answered my prayers and more. It has been one of the best decisions, investments I have made towards living a healthier lifestyle.
Kristi Grimm, Ideal Protein Client

January 2016 -- Sarah Hansel
Please share one take away from this experience that could encourage others. OWN IT! This is your journey. No one can do this for you. Your next bite is your next choice.
Sarah Hansel, Ideal Protein Client

December 2015 -- Brandi Sargent
Anything that we could change or continue to do to make this journey just as successful for other dieters? The only thing I can think of is taking the before picture. So many of us hide from the camera because we don’t like what we see. I don’t have too many full length pictures of me before the weight loss. Now I don’t mind it! But to see that visual as you go along is a huge help because you don’t see how much you’re losing when you look at yourself in the mirror every morning. But when you can put it side-by-side, it’s a great motivator to keep going!
Brandi Sargent, Ideal Protein Client

November 2015 -- Jaimie & Mike Nelson
Anything that we could change or continue to do to make this journey just as successful for other dieters? “The team does a great job. The girls were always available over text or messenger for any questions I have. My recommendation would be to put together a list of local restaurants and some menu items that are phase 1 approved (or customizable for phase 1) for when you have to eat away from home”
Jaimie & Mike Nelson, Ideal Protein Client