Client of the Month
Karen Ginn

Why did you start the diet?
I knew I needed to make some changes. My blood pressure was high and I was on the verge of needing medication.  I was tired of being sluggish and being unhappy with myself.  I have arthritis and I was facing knee replacement and have already had two hip replacements.  I knew that I needed to get more healthy to take off the extra stress and strain the extra pounds were adding to my joints.

Which plan were you on?
The regular Ideal Protein plan.

What was your biggest struggle?
My biggest struggle was preparing food to take to the diamond, as my coaching position often required me to spend most of the day at the softball diamond.  We would have a  JV practice or game in the morning and then a varsity game at night, so I didn’t have time to go home between events.  I had to learn to be prepared and make sure I had enough food packed to last all day. That way I was not tempted to grab something from the concession stand or fast food restaurant.  I also had to hide my peppers from the team as several of them found out that they really like peppers!

Did you go on vacation while on Ideal Protein?
No, just had some weekend trips to visit family.  They were very supportive and tried to provide options for me that were on program.

What is your favorite Ideal Protein Product? Restricted and Non-restricted.
My favorite non-restricted product is the chocolate drink mix.  The restricted products that I liked the most would have to be the lemon wafers and the chocolate puffs.

What is your go to recipe?
I really don’t have a recipe, but I love mashed cauliflower.  I still eat it almost every day.

How did this affect your family?
My family has been incredibly supportive.  My husband tells everyone about my weight loss and he is very proud of me.  I have also tried to be a good influence on my daughters and husband.  I have noticed that they eat more healthy and my husband has cut back on his pop consumption. We have healthier options available and we do more cooking at home than we used to do. They are also more willing to try new foods and recipes, such as  making noodles from zucchini instead of eating pasta.  I have also noticed that my daughter will look at ingredients and look for foods for me that don’t have added sugar.

We also started some rumors!  One of my husband’s friends saw our family out at a movie and did not recognize me.  He thought my husband, Rich, was going out with another woman!  They  laughed about it when his friend saw him later, and my husband has started call me his “trophy wife”.

Did you get off any medications?
I didn’t get off of any medications, but I did avoid having to go on blood pressure medication.

What have you completely eliminated from your diet forever?
I have eliminated pop from my diet forever.  I also avoid any added sugar.  I will not say that I have given up all sugar, as I love sweets.  But I have learned to save those for special days and not eat them daily. When I want something sweet, I reach for fruit instead.

What tools/habits are you going to continue in your life to maintain your weight?
I will continue to eat healthy and exercise.  I have been taking yoga and boot camp exercise classes that have really made a difference in my fitness. I love that I have more energy and can do many things that I haven’t been able to enjoy for a long time.

Anything that we could change or continue to do to make this journey just as successful for other dieters?  
Continue to do what you do at Ideal Protein.  I felt supported the entire journey.  If I slipped, or had a rough week, you all are there to listen.  It isn’t easy, and some days are harder than others.  I knew that I could pick up my phone at any time and send you a message.  And you were honest with me and looked for answers when I had questions.  I also wish I had had Janeva’s cookbook earlier.  She has some great recipes that keep away the boredom that can come if you don’t eat a variety of foods. One other thing that helped me was my brother and his wife checking in with me periodically.  They are in Phase 4 and would share recipes with me and answer my questions.  In addition to the staff at Ideal Protein, it was helpful to have a person who had gone through the program to check in with.

I am happy to see that there is a Phase 4 meeting.  It helps to know that there are other people in the community that are committed to the program but do not work at the spa.

The last thing I would tell others is to ignore the haters!  There will be people who tell you to “go eat a cheeseburger”, “you have lost enough, you need to stop”,  or they shake their heads at you when you turn down a sugary treat, but do this for yourself. You are worth it, and you will love the results!  

Karen, Ideal Protein Client