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Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo. Brows are perfectly mapped out and measured to fit your face shape and we custom mix pigment to match the color of your brow hair. A microblading pen is used to etch ink superficially into the skin.  Each stroke into the skin creates the appearance of real hair. After the initial treatment, a complementary treatment can be scheduled 4 to 8 weeks later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Microblading typically lasts 6 months – 1 year depending on skin type and age. To maintain the brows looking fresh, a touch up is suggested every 6-12 months. Skin care routine may also affect the lasting effect of pigment.

The brows will be slightly red after the procedure and the color will appear very dark. Within the first few days the eyebrows will continue to be dark and you may notice slight scabbing. It can take approximately 7-14 days for the brows to heal over, and about 1 month for the color to fully set in.

Pain level is considered mild to none. We provide you with a numbing agent to apply to the treatment 30 minutes prior to your appointment, so you will arrive numb. The feeling can be described as light cat scratches to not feeling anything. Post procedure will result in redness and slight swelling.

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