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Ideal Protein At Innovative Aesthetics​

Ideal Protein has been evolving for over 20 years. This scientifically developed  program is a three phase, ketogenic weight loss protocol. Ideal Protein resets the body to burn fat, and empowers weight loss to ensure long lasting health.  With our unique protocol, you will have lifetime coaching to motivate and keep you on track. 
With our one-on-one coaching, you will lose weight and learn step-by-step how to keep the weight off. Ideal Protein is scientifically engineered with proven results to help regulate insulin production, blood sugar levels, reduce cholesterol levels, and obesity related medical problems. 
All you need to lose weight and keep it off exists inside you right now. You are full of inherent strength, courage, and natural physiological power.
We just happen to have the perfect doctor-designed nutrition, medical science, and PERSONAL Ideal Protein Coach accountability and encouragement to ignite, uncover, and activate the power inside you – so you can reset your body to burn fat. Reset your whole mindset and outlook. Reset your health and your life for good. Reset, what’s possible.


Free Ideal Protein Seminar

Online ordering available to Innovative’s clients for Curbside Pickup or $5.00 Local Delivery.*

*Local delivery within 20 miles of Innovative

Check out our Facebook page @IdealproteinIA for all of our events, specials, contests, and more! To learn more about the Ideal Protein protocol, visit www.idealprotein.com

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Appointment Request

Innovative Aesthetics Medical Spa & Laser Center is an independently owned and operated and authorized to sell Ideal Protein products and services. Ideal Protein disclaims any express or implied statement of weight loss performance or other benefits that are not made by Ideal Protein. See www.idealprotein.com for more details.

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