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IdealSmart App

IdealSmart is a personalized Lifestyle Building assistant designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals while on the weight loss phases of the Ideal Protein Protocol. After you’ve accomplished your weight loss results, IdealSmart helps you maintain the “Ideal You” with smarter lifestyle living tools and support.

As you progress through the Ideal Protein protocol, you are introduced to “SMARTER” lifestyle habits, such as healthy eating and the value of regular exercise!

The IdealSmart App is the latest, easy-to-use tool Ideal Protein has developed to assist you in establishing these healthier new habits. The App helps you:

  • Track your meals, supplements, and hydration
  • Track biometric data with the IdealSmart Scale
  • Access the Ideal Protein Video Library anytime from anywhere
  • View your Ideal Protein appointments
  • Set your goals and monitor your progress

Download the IdealSmart App

IdealSmart Scale

Your technologically advanced IdealSmart Scale removes the mystery behind weight loss. Now you can precisely measure and monitor your progress with intuitive and informative graphs detailing your step by weight loss journey with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Protocol. The IdealSmart Scale measures:

  • Body fat percentage,
  • Weight & BMI,
  • Hydration.

Ask your Ideal Protein coach about ordering your IdealSmart Scale.


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