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Silk Pillowcase 100% Mulberry – Charcoal


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1. A silk pillowcase is machine washable at 30 degrees
2. Silk is very quick-drying
3. Bed mite repellant
4. Good quality silk is long-lasting
5. Silk is a natural product and hypoallergenic
6. Suitable for the most sensitive skin
7. A silk pillowcase does not draw away moisture like cotton
8. Sleeping on silk has anti-ageing benefits
9. Wonderfully cooling in summer
10. Warming in winter
11. Less absorbent than cotton
12. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase feels luxurious
13. Non-flammable
14. Silk is a smooth fabric so reduces hair fuzz
15. Beauty benefits include fewer lines and wrinkles

*100% Silk Premium Pillowcase

Fold over envelope enclosure ensures the pillow will not slip out. 22mm premium mulberry silk on both sides of the pillowcase. OEKO-TEX certified (Certification HKWO 055875) ensures every part of this pillowcase has been made with materials that exceed international standards for safety. This includes the processing and dying of the silk. Machine wash gentle cycle, dry low or lay flat.


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